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ain’t blogging about saying what you feel .
here it’s. I don’t like blogging, I don’t like telling things or feelings and never been good at that, and here I am doing something I don’t like, like lots of other things we don’t like and doing silently.

and here I am telling you what I feel.


/* I made it a public post, because maybe one day I will like telling things and so blogging who knows */


Posted August 17, 2010 by Mraiam in Uncategorized

3 responses to “Meta blogging

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  1. I extremely like that post and I even remember posting something like this before ..
    I also recently use my blog as more technical blog than a personal self expression blog ..

    Thanks !

  2. Thank You :).

  3. Well, I can’t even blog about what I feel. I’ve made several useless , pathetic trials. Looks like I really never analyze/organize my thoughts and feelings enough to put them in a complete meaningful sentences.
    Probably publicizing what you feel isn’t healthy after all because normally if it was :

    (a) Just a chit-chat then it will be a waste of time/space/bandwidth/computing_power.
    (b) Real issues and you’re asking for advice/help, then you’re probably consulting the wrong people.

    People can argue that blogs are just another form of social relations and If you can socialize with your physical-friend, as in talking about your feeling, then you can socialize with a pseudo-one. However, how much socializing do we really need ? and how much do you get from blogging ?
    I’m not a physiologist to say but I believe the answers are *alot* and *not much* respectively.


    Karim Allah Ahmed

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