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I got that Idea about a year ago, and 4shared Implemented it .

Y I thought about this Idea!

If it’s because I want to add a file to my account, this will be Naive, and luxary more than being useful . So what was it ?

I was extensively searching  and finding so much redundancy in the files (especially in PDFs|MP3s) sometimes with exactly the same name .

So, Y not if a user  want to upload a common file to his account he can search for it and just add it* . A common bad practice to download and upload !!  Ooh poor DBS .  Ain’t this a good rationalization 🙂

Update : and hence decreasing power consumption

Still what is done, hasn’t reduce redundancy because we should meet the needs of dummy users .

Just dreaming  :

Imagine all the DB in the World has eliminated the redundant data 😀

this could be done in two ways:

1# manually and we can finish this at the year 3000 Inshallah 🙂 or If we developed an Intelligent system this could reduce the costed time may be to the half!

_Reminding me with the CAT unified system

2# if we have LOST all DBSs, and we start it over in the right way 🙂 _My fave choice hehehe!

Having One DBS with some intelligence could be used to help in stopping stealing Blogs and websites contents .

thanks for listening !

*what happens is that they make pointers (references) to the same files (all what a file mean now: The same used space), and taking care of  the deleting process: so if more than a user has a pointer to the file it won’t be deleted except if all the the users deleted their copies, so a user delete his pointer tell the last user delete the real file .


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  1. mmh great
    decreasing storage area means also decreasing power consumption and it is method to implement the concept of green life

    but how can this intelligent system detect the different name the same content files and the same name the different content files

  2. so what happen if the file owner who uploaded it for the first time deleted it?
    will the file copies deleted too?

  3. @Eslam Power yes .. the major goal for human beings now, very good consequence I will add it to the post .

    about the other query I have no answer just some scattered Ideas, and the Only question I am trying to answer now:
    How can this intelligent system detect the same name the same content files ?

    Thanks for passing by.

  4. @Gawish No

  5. i think i get the idea of verifying the same content files
    we just need to verify the hash of files
    see this example :
    [eslam@eslam-husseiny ~]$ md5sum Desktop/Books
    230901789eaeeaa49161071811d5e97f Desktop/Books
    [eslam@eslam-husseiny ~]$ md5sum Desktop/fakeName.odt
    230901789eaeeaa49161071811d5e97f Desktop/fakeName.odt

  6. Fantastic .. I didn’t know that this does exist .

  7. الفكرة دي جميلة اوي ومودجودة من زمان أوي تقريبا من أول لما ظهر ف الميديافير

  8. Thanks for passing by
    Although I am mediafire user I didn’t notice it.

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