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Posted September 15, 2009 by Mraiam in Uncategorized

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  1. woooow
    Really it’s amazing 🙂

    It’s the first time i comment in your belog .. i hope you accept my passing

  2. amazing video, but btw cairo is impossible city as well and we all know why 🙂

  3. @elahlawy : ya sure welcome in 🙂

    @Ahmed Soliman : ya 🙂 the difference between the impossibility of the two cities is representing the difference between the very “science, hard working and wealth exploitation” and the very ” ignorance, Laziness and wealth wastage” 😦

    I am proud of Dubai as an Arabic city 🙂 but the Engineers still foreigners!

  4. On the occasion of the opening of Dubai tower I write this comment:

    I can’t find a lot of differences between the two cities
    They both have the same ‘ignorance’ but Dubai only have money &They don’t know how to spend it.
    with money they could brought foreign engineers and scientists!

    This tower does not have any value after the oil runs out

    In Gulf countries:OIL=Money=(food-electricity-buildings-cars-…etc)
    After oil They will come back to life in tents and ride camels.

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